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      Shenzhen YZrobot Technology CO.,Ltd.

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      Company culture

      1. Mission :

      With advancement of science and technology, and R&D in the field of AI in robotics, our mission is to educate, provide reliable access to robots in common households.

      2. Goal :

      Design and development of practical and high ratio of performance to price high intelligent robot products, smart home products and other intelligent hardware products is all of us art all work.

      3. Vision :

      The fundamental value of science and technology stem from continuous innovation, learning and interest in this field. To build our core competitiveness, cultivate corporate responsibility and enhance corporate profitability, YZ Technology Co. Ltd envisions a world where robotics, artificial intelligence, smart homes and machine learning greatly increases the quality of life and living standard of humans in a controlled, reliable and safe way.

      4. Value :

      Innovation drives the development of our technology. In our company, everyone is both an innovator and an entrepreneur who contributes. The desire to improve, a problem-solving mindset and a positive attitude in dealing with difficult situations are necessary for innovation to naturally take its course. Only then innovation can truly leap mankind forward in creating miracles that were merely dreams yesterday.

      5. Spirit of enterprise :

      To forge ahead, innovate, fulfill duties in the pursuit of excellence.

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      Service Hotline
      +86 139 2383 0386