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      Shenzhen YZrobot Technology CO.,Ltd.

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      • MeCat  Robot

        MeCat Robot

        “Mecat” is an interactive robot for children aged between two to ten. With educational resources and entertainment features, it provides a conducive environment for children to learn and play. “Mecat” could also be used as a mobile surveillance robot to k

      • MeE Surveillance Robot

        MeE Surveillance Robot

        MeE(Mobile Electronic Eyes) is the first remote-controlled patrol robot of an independent research and development of YZ Technology Co. Ltd. The infra-red human body detection, night vision and alarm intrusion features add an important edge in home securi

      • Smart Home System

        Smart Home System

        The smart home system encompasses a smart host, intelligent switches, human infra-red sensors, flammable gas detectors and door movement sensors. Through linkage with mobile phones, this family of electronics opens a new window of convenience and intellig

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